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Video Widget

The Video widget lets you add videos to your content. Learn more about Supported File Types.

Properties > Widget > Main


Under the Source Menu, you can set the widget’s source video.

MCC media Video Widget


Size & Position

You can adjust the widget’s width, height, and position in the Size & Position menu.

size and position



You can set the widget’s rounding and opacity in the Effects Menu.


Image Properties Other

Properties > Widget > Other


Use the Behavior menu to determine how your video will be rendered.

  • Loop: The option to continuously loop a video will be disabled if the element is set to jump to the end, has exit animation, or has enabled controls.
  • Controls: Enable or disable video controls. Unavailable if the element is set to loop.
  • Hardware Accelerated Player: Use the screen’s hardware GPU for improved performance instead of the HMTL player.
  • Keep Ratio: Maintain the aspect ratio of the video source

MCC Media Video Properties



Set the Shadow and Border options for the widget.


From the Animation Menu you can set the entrance and exit animation.

Animation elements


Bind to Data

Use the data picker tool to select the video to play based on the datasource.


Additional Properties

  • Custom Margin
  • Mask
  • Flip
  • Click Through
  • Hide Based on
  • BG Color









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