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Content Templates

Templates are pre-built Contents that can be used to to jump-start your content design. Templates can be imported/exported.

How to create Templates:

Click Administrator > Templates > Add New

  • You can create, remove, and edit your templates here.
  • They can contain widgets and can be edited in the Template Editor which is exactly the same as the Content Editor.

Template Groups:

  • Just like regular Content, you can create Template Groups that contain Templates.
  • Use Template Groups to organize your Templates

How to Use Templates

Add Template during Content Creation:

  • When you create a new Content, you have the option to select a Template.

Create Content

  • When you click on the Select Template box, you will see 1-3 tabs

MCC Media Templates Tabs

    • Private: Templates you have created will appear here
    • Public: Templates created by the Administrator and available to all users on your Client will appear here
    • Dedicated: Owners of Templates can assign them to users. If you have been given access to Templates, they will show here.

Add Templates inside Content:

You can add template pages inside of Content by clicking on Page > Add Page

MCC Media Add Template to Content

  • Add a page name
  • Select a Template
  • Once you have selected a Template, you will see an additional Page option. If your Template has more than one page, you can select which page to insert into your content.










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