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Business Security Systems


Smarter Security Systems for Business

Secure your workspace and protect the people in it with MCC’s reliable business security systems. Our cutting-edge commercial CCTV cameras, access control, and alarm systems are designed to be user-friendly while staying cost-effective – ensuring you hit all of your business goals without sacrificing safety.

Business Security Systems That Protect and Grow Your Bottom Line.

Mississippi and Tennessee Commercial Security Solutions


Your Business Security Your Way

Image of an Apple computer displaying the user-friendly dashboard of the MCC Secure Hattrix commercial security camera system, highlighting its advanced features and capabilities in providing top-notch business security systems.

Discover the business security systems that align perfectly with your unique needs through our personalized service. At MCC, we specialize in designing commercial security systems that address every critical aspect of your organization’s safety. From sophisticated commercial access control to advanced surveillance cameras for business use and comprehensive building alarm systems, we ensure no element is overlooked. Our bespoke platform allows you to enjoy superior protection tailored specifically for your business. Ready to elevate your security? Explore how our solutions can safeguard your operations more effectively.


High-definition CCTV cameras provide crystal clear video and excellent low-light performance.

Door Locks

Lock or unlock your doors remotely with the app, with card keys, or even with access codes.


Monitor and adjust your thermostats remotely to reduce your energy usage and lower your bill.


Turn your lights on or off automatically or remotely through the app. Never leave the lights on again.

All-in-One App

Our all-in-one app helps monitor your business from anywhere in the world anytime.

Your Business Security Solutions Includes:

Visitor Management

Our visitor management, or commercial access control systems protect your business from unwanted intrusion. Whether you need to secure exterior doors from visitors or protect confidential areas inside the building, our access management systems can help.

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Theft and Fraud

Protecting your business and employees from theft and fraud attempts is critical. Our commercial security cameras act as both a deterrant and an active prevention method. With real-time analytics and notifications, MCC's camera systems can help prevent theft and protect your business.

In the event a theft should occur, our system can provide valuable data to the authorities in crystal clear HD quality video footage.

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Emergency Response

Need the security of 24/7 monitoring and emergency response? We've got you covered. With our integrated alarm systems, your business is always monitored and should an event happen, we will notify the authorities for you.

Energy Management

With our integrated business security system, you can actually reduce your energy usage and power bill. Our all-in-one business security system notifies you when lights are left on or when your thermostat is beyond the range limit you set. Beyond notifications, you can turn on/off lights and adjust your thermostat from anywhere in the world through our app.

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Professional Installation

Our team of vendor certified professional installers will make sure your entire security system is installed and working to your specifications. From running new network cables to aiming cameras exactly where you want them, we will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with your new business security system.

Apple iPhone lock screen with a notification from MCC's business security systems about a business closing late.
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Monitor Your Business Remotely with Advanced CCTV Solutions

Monitor Your Business Remotely with Advanced CCTV Solutions

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