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Content is not updating on the device

If you change your content and it does not update on the device, see below for possible causes and solutions.


Possible Cause: You may have assigned different content to the screen or edited the wrong content. This can happen when you have multiple contents with similar names.

Fix:  Make sure you are editing the correct content or assign the content you are editing to the device. Then, right-click on the device and select Refresh Content from the menu to force the player to pull the new content.


Possible Cause: The device has lost its internet connection.

Fix: Check the internet connection on the device or contact MCC Service.


Possible Cause: You may have a slow internet connection or weak WiFi signal for devices connected via WiFi. With a slow internet connection or weak WiFi signal, content may take longer to download to your device.

Fix: If increasing your internet speed or buying a WiFi extender (for devices on WiFi) is not an option, you can try clearing the device’s cache by right-clicking on it and selecting Clear Cache. Then, reboot the device and refresh the content.


For additional assistance, contact MCC Service

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