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Page Properties

In Page Properties, you can adjust the properties of the currently selected page. Options may change based on selections made.

Background Type

  • Image and Color: Set a media file as a background or a color.

background image and color


  • Video: Set a video file as the background and adjust the hardware acceleration and volume.

video properties


  • HDMI Input: Display an HDMI stream as your background and set the volume.

HDMI input settings


  • Background Audio Type:  Set the repeating or one time audio option or set to No Audio when no background audio will be played.


Dynamic Pages:

Dynamic Pages


  • Next Page: Define which page should be played next.
  • Automatic: Enable/disable automatic scrolling to the next page
  • N. Page Delay: Set the default duration of each new page
  • Disable Screensaver: For interactive displays, disabling the screensaver means the default page will be shown after inactivity.
  • Animation Type: Select the default animation between this page and the next
  • Only Play: Define when the page should be playing. Click Only Play and select the date range, day of the week, and/or hours the page should play.
  • Reporting: Create custom asset reports
  • Advertising: Enable advertisement report for the page









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