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Clock Widget

With the Clock widget, you can add an analog or digital clock to your content.

The Clock Widget is located in the Basic section of the Widgets.

Clock Properties

Main Properties Menu

Properties > Widget > Main


You can adjust the Time Zone and Type properties from the Main Clock Properties section. For digital clocks, you can also select different time formats and languages. These options are not available for the analog clock type.

MCC Media Clock Properties Main


Custom Format:

Choose Custom from the Format dropdown to use a custom time format. When Custom is selected, a Custom Format field will appear, and you can enter the custom format.

MCC Media Clock Custom Format


Size & Position

Select the width, height, and placement from the Size & Position menu. Learn more about the Size & Position menu.

size and position


Proof of Play

Proof of Play is a reporting system that lets you report how often assets are played.


Other Properties Menu

Properties > Widgets > Other


If you have selected the Analog Clock, you can choose from different clock faces and hands or add your own custom face or hands.

MCC Media Clock Re-style Properties



If you have selected the Digital Clock, you can adjust Font settings such as the size, font family, style, and color. You can also set the letter spacing and text-shadow.

MCC Media clock font settings.



In the Animation Menu, you can add entrance and exit animation to the widget.

Animation elements


Additional Properties

Under the Animation Menu, is a three-dot menu which expands to provide additional properties.

  • Custom Margin: set custom margins for the widget
  • Shadow: add shadow to the widget
  • Border: Add a border to the widget
  • Opacity: adjust the opacity
  • Rounding: round the edges of the widget
  • Mask: allows you to select a .png image to affect the shape of the widget
  • Flip: flip the widget horizontally or vertically
  • Click Through: allows you to click through the widget and interact with widgets underneath
  • Hide based on: uses a datasource binding to determine the visibility of the widget









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