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Elevate Your Storytelling with MCC's Video Production Solutions

Welcome to MCC Solutions, where we specialize in turning your vision into an engaging visual narrative that resonates with your audience. Our comprehensive video production services are designed to bring your brand’s story to life, ensuring every frame is a testament to your corporate identity.

Image of a computer screen displaying the NewTek TriCaster software in action, demonstrating its capabilities for real-time video production. Various windows within the software are open, showing different aspects of the production process. This image provides a glimpse into the advanced technology used in MCC's Corporate Video Production Services, emphasizing their cutting-edge resources.
Image taken at the Salvation Army 2016 Hardin Annual Dinner, concentrating on the computer screens in the foreground. The screens display the NewTek Tricaster software, illustrating the live video production process in action. This snapshot provides a glimpse into the high-quality live video production services provided by MCC during significant events.

Unleash the Power of Live Streaming

In this digital age, live streaming events are not just a trend—they’re a powerful way to connect with your audience in real time. Our team of experts use state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality live streams that captivate your audience and create memorable experiences.

Image featuring computer screens in the foreground, displaying the NewTek Tricaster video production system in operation. In the blurred background, a large event is taking place, hinting at the real-world application of the advanced technology. This image showcases the seamless integration of high-tech video production into live events.

NewTek Tricaster Video Production

With our NewTek Tricaster video production solution, we offer you the ability to create professional-grade videos that stand out. This advanced multi-camera production system allows us to produce, record, and stream simultaneously, delivering dynamic content that keeps your viewers hooked.


Lighting and Sound Design

The right lighting and sound design can take your video from good to great. Our experienced technicians understand the nuances of lighting and sound, using them strategically to enhance your video content. We meticulously plan each element to ensure it complements your brand’s message and aesthetics.

Wide shot image showcasing MCC's Corporate Video Production Service. Three people are positioned in front of a green screen, actively being recorded. The recorded image is simultaneously projected onto a large screen above them, demonstrating the real-time capabilities of MCC's setup. The image gives viewers a comprehensive look at the full video production process, emphasizing the professionalism and high-quality output of MCC's services.
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