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Why Webex Calling is the Right Choice

Dive into the future of cloud communication with Webex Calling from MCC. Experience the power of innovation with over 1000 new features introduced in the last year alone. Our Control Hub offers you a comprehensive view of your system’s performance, enabling effective monitoring and optimization. Coupled with Cisco’s industry-leading security practices, your data and communication are always protected. Discover the practical benefits of our solutions, enhance your communication strategies, and experience the MCC difference today. Ready to elevate your game? Start with Webex Calling now!

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Enterprise-Grade Calling Features

Webex comes with a full set of enterprise-grade calling features out of the box. Enjoy instant access to call history, visual voicemail, hold/transfer/conference, and and so much more.

Centralized Management

With the Webex Control Hub, managing your solution is easier than ever. All the configuration is in one place with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to make changes or find the information you need.

Webex GO

Webex Go is a new capability that enables users to make and receive calls on their mobile device's native calling app, making it even easier to use your mobile device for business calls and keeping your personal number private.

Business Texting

Webex makes it easy to use your business number to send and receive SMS text messages directly from the Webex app. Send and receive texts from Webex and keep all your business data in one place.

Flexible Deployment Options

Because Webex Calling is a cloud deployment, you have the flexibility to configure how you use it. Want some users to have desk phones and others to use the apps only? No problem. Customize the system to fit your needs.

Available Anywhere

With the mobile and desktop apps, you get the benefit of all the same Webex Calling features from anywhere in the world without being tied to the office or your desk phone.

How much money can you save with MCC and Webex Calling?

Not sure if a new phone system will save you money? Let our experts do a quick audit of your phone bill and learn how much money you could be saving with MCC and Webex.

Webex Calling Hero

Experience the power of the Webex Calling platform for yourself. Speak with an expert today to see Webex in action. We don’t just sell it…we use it!

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It's Easier Than You Think

Transitioning your crucial communications to the cloud can be a breeze with Webex Calling. It offers a seamless migration route from Cisco Business Edition, leading you straight to a state-of-the-art cloud platform. Exploit the benefits of this modern technology to enhance your business operations and communication efficiency. Trust in our solution, where complexity is replaced by simplicity and innovation.

Connect With Cloud Calling

Experience the power of unified communication like never before with Webex Calling. This revolutionary tool combines enterprise-calling capabilities, top-tier virtual meeting technology, and messaging all in a single, user-friendly app. Imagine having a seamless collaboration experience at your fingertips, enhancing productivity, and streamlining your workflow. Intrigued? Download our Connect With Cloud Calling eBook and discover how you can transform your business communication landscape. Don’t just adapt to the future – lead it with MCC’s solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

Absolutely. In our commitment to providing a seamless transition, MCC ensures that all your existing phone numbers are transferred – a process commonly referred to as “porting” – from your previous provider to your new Webex telecom system. We understand the intricacies involved and therefore, manage all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

No. With Webex, you have the option to use a desk phone or the Webex desktop or mobile apps. The Webex app allows you the flexibility to make and receive business calls from anywhere without being tied to your desk phone.

Because Webex is an internet based phone system, internet is required, but the Webex apps make the lose of internet or power inconsequential. Calls are seamlessly routed to your mobile app. Additionally, the Business Continuity feature automatically routes calls to any number in the case of an outage.

Unlike older phone systems, Webex allows you to make unlimited calls on the same phone line because the calls are routed through your internet. There is no need for multiple phone lines just to ensure callers can get through to you.

Once your phone numbers are ported to your new Webex system, your old phone lines are no longer needed and can be cancelled.

Yes. One of the major benefits of the Webex system is the ability to connect multiple physical locations to one phone system. All locations can be configured to route calls the same or in different manners.

Certainly. We can handle faxes in multiple ways. If you only need incoming faxes, Webex can route those to an email of your choosing. If you want to keep your physical fax machine, we can connect it to Webex via an analog adapter that will be included in your order. Another option to consider is e-fax, which we can also help you with. Learn more about e-fax.

Yes. Once the system is installed, we will provide admin access to as many users as needed and provide comprehensive training so you can make any changes needed.

Yes. International calling is available and will be billed on a per usage basis per month.

Yes. Webex supports all current Polycom and Cisco multi-platform phones as wells as several other brands.

Once the order is processed, the installation time is typically 2 weeks. This gives us time to configure your call routing and allows enough time for any phone numbers to be ported from your old carrier to Cisco.

Once the order is processed, you will receive an email from our Implementation team to setup our first configuration meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss how you want your phone system setup, get a recent copy of your phone bill and schedule your port date. On the day of the port, MCC will be onsite an hour prior to the go-live time to setup your desk phones and test your system. After the phones are live and all testing is complete, MCC will provide comprehensive training for your staff.

Find the right Cisco Webex cloud communications solution for your business. Webex Cloud Calling
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