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Home Screen

Upon login, you will be taken to the Home screen, where you can manage your devices, loops, content, and schedules. The home screen has three main sections: Screens, Content, and Schedules.

MCC Media Editor home screen

Main Navigation Menu

The main menu across the top of the screen can be used to navigate the entire MCC Media system.

MCC Media Settings menu icons



All your screens (devices) are in the dark section at the top of the home page. You can add/remove screens, manage screens, set emergency states, and more from here.

MCC Media Screens image

MCC Media Editor home screen icons table


Loops are simple repeating streams of images and videos.

MCC Media Loops

MCC Media Loops Screen icons


The Contents section is where you can manage your contents, which are playlists of slides that can be as simple as images or more complex with text, live data, and specialty widgets.

MCC Media contents section

MCC Media content Icons


The Schedules section allows you to manage your scheduled content. Scheduled content allows you to play a specific piece of Content or Loop at a specific time.

MCC Media Schedules Screen

MCC Media Schedule icons



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