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Commercial Access Control Systems


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Complete Door Access Control Systems for Your Business

Ensure the security of your operations with MCC’s advanced access control systems. Our sophisticated building access control systems, including smart door locks and gate access control solutions, are designed to complement and enhance your current security framework. Experience the convenience and reassurance of being able to control these systems remotely, affording you continuous protection that contributes to both safety and operational efficiency.

Image of an iPhone showing the MCC Secure, powered by, live CCTV camera and commercial access control systems dashboard
A chef making food in a restaurant with an overlay of two mobile phones showing the MCC Secure business security systems and business security cameras and commercial access control systems dashboard


Door Locks

Say goodbye to keys and manual door locks. With MCC Secure, you can control your door locks with access control card readers, biometric access control systems, access codes, or even through your smartphone.

RFID Badges and Card Access

Card access door locks provide a secure method of ensure only authorized personnel have access to your building and cut down on replacing manual keys after employee changes.

Mobile Notifications

MCC Secure's mobile app sends push notifications when unusual activity is detected such as, doors opened after hours, lights left on, doors not locked when expected, and people detected when or where they shouldn't be.

Biometric Access Controls

Our biometric access control systems are the latest in security technology. With fingerprint readers and facial recognition devices, you can be sure that only authorized personnel have access to your property.

Gate Access Control Systems

Need to secure more than your building? MCC can help with gate, barrier, and card access for your entire property. We also offer video and audio access controls for an added layer of security.

Remote Management

With our all-in-one app, managing your user access is simple and convenient from anywhere. Add or remove users, modify access rights, or even view reports of activities right from your mobile device.

Key Features

Cloud-Based Access Control

Experience unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and reliability with MCC's cloud-based access control systems. Designed for modern businesses, our systems allow you to manage access privileges and your entire security framework remotely, ensuring you can respond swiftly and efficiently from any location.


The ease of adding new functionalities as your needs evolve guarantees that your security measures grow alongside your business. Benefit from the peace of mind afforded by our systems' built-in redundancy, which offers robust protection against disasters.


Furthermore, our cloud solutions contribute to significant cost control by minimizing or entirely eliminating the need for on-site servers, streamlining your operations and enhancing overall efficiency. Discover how switching to MCC's cloud-based access control can advance your organization's security and operational effectiveness.

Biometric Access Controls

Elevate your security measures with MCC's advanced biometric access control systems, featuring cutting-edge fingerprint and facial recognition technologies. These solutions provide unparalleled security by offering credentials that are uniquely tied to each individual, eliminating the possibility of sharing or unauthorized use. This ensures a higher level of security and accountability across your organization.


Additionally, our biometric systems support the enforcement of consistent access policies, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive areas. By integrating these sophisticated technologies into your security strategy, you're not just enhancing safety; you're also streamlining operations and reinforcing trust within your workplace.


Consider upgrading to MCC's biometric access control solutions and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior protection.

Mobile Credentials

MCC's mobile credentials for access control systems strike the perfect balance between user convenience and robust security. These innovative solutions provide swift and convenient access for staff, ensuring that your operations flow smoothly without sacrificing safety.


The flexibility to issue or revoke credentials remotely, at any moment, empowers your management team with unparalleled control over access rights.


Furthermore, by reducing the reliance on physical credentials, we not only streamline your security processes but also enhance the overall efficiency and security of your organization.


Opt for MCC's mobile credentials to elevate both the effectiveness and convenience of your access control systems.

Video Doorbells

MCC's video doorbell access control systems redefine security for businesses, merging commercial-grade resilience with state-of-the-art technology. These systems offer mobile compatibility, allowing seamless management from any location, ensuring your premises are safeguarded with advanced security features. By incorporating our video doorbell solutions, organizations can monitor their entrances in real-time, providing both peace of mind and an enhanced level of protection.


Ideal for companies aiming to modernize their security measures, MCC's solutions stand at the forefront of safety and convenience, promising a secure, efficient operation environment. Explore how our video doorbell access control systems can serve as a pivotal component of your business’s safety strategy.

Multi-Location Control

Control all your properties (and the systems at those properties) with a single login to our app.

Our Enterprise access control solution allows you to manage multiple locations from one central dashboard.

The image shows a person walking into a restaurant with video analytics data overlayed on the image. There is a +1 over the person's head indicating there is 1 additional occupant in the restaurant and text overlaid stating 30% occupancy limit exceeded. Image demonstrates MCC commercial access control systems

Securing Your Facility with Keyless Entry

Commercial Access Control

Whether your business has one door or hundreds, our commercial access control systems can help you manage permissions for all the access points to your operation. You can add or delete employee access individually or in bulk within seconds, protect equipment, inventory, and employees against unauthorized access. With the new Mobile Credentials feature, assign employees access through their smartphones, eliminating the need to use physical badges or key fobs—which adds one more thing for workers to carry and can be lost.

Business Insights

Get visibility into business activity trends to make smarter decisions about staffing, promotions, product placement, energy usage and more. Easy-to understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.

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