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Quick Filter Folder

The Quick Filter Folder option lets you add files to a folder based on specific criteria. For example, you can put all files that begin with a specific word or match a particular file type.

File Manager Add Options

MCC Media Quick Filter Folder

  • Name: Name the folder
  • Restrict Resulting Folder to teams: Only the selected team will see the folder.
  • Folder to Filter In: Pick a specific folder from which to filter. Click on Show Explorer to show the list of folders.
  • Search in child folders as well: Enable the slider to search subfolders also.
  • File name contains: Search for file names containing the info entered here
  • Has Tags: Enter tags (separated by commas) to search for files with those tags
  • Valid Files Only: Enable to search only for valid files
  • Are files valid by default: If enabled, files that do not have a set validity will be treated as valid.
  • Restrict filter input by teams: Only files from the selected team will be used in filtering.




Filter Folders can be recognized by the blue filter icon inside the folder.

Filter folder icon










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