Lessons Learned in 2020 Bring Success in 2021 – Using Digital Signage for Internal Communications

MCC Media digital signage internal communications - Lessons Learned in 2020 Bring Success in 2021

I was reading an article in Forbes, Leaders, Bring These 3 Lessons into 2021, and I thought, why did we have to survive 2020 and a “pandemic” to remember such basics as these?  While we are all glad to have 2020 in the rearview mirror, I also know that we learn a lot of life lessons (and good business practices) from tough times.  The article emphasizes that as leaders, and frankly just as good employees and good stewards of the responsibilities given us, you should:

  1. Show your appreciation – it is not assumed.
  2. Always be ready to pivot.
  3. Allow yourself (and your Team) to have fun.

O.K. – so nothing startling or earth-shattering there, right?  However, we can all remember times when we wished this was the culture of our business environment.  We all know of many Corporations where this does not exist or anything remotely close to this.  And you may be surprised to know this is certainly not the norm.

Perhaps the easiest way to accomplish these three simple suggestions, and more, is through technology that already exists and is easy to use.  Take a moment to consider how your Company can use Employee and Internal Communications Message Boards, as well as Employee Desktop Messaging to accomplish all of these and truly “engage” your employees.

MCC Media digital signage internal communications Kudo template

Communications Consultants share that nearly all employees love instant appreciation, instant congratulations, and simple “atta boys” and “atta girls” for any job well done.  Accompany that with their picture on your Internal Communications Digital Signage, and you actually accomplish the next best thing to monetary rewards.  An example might be to start a “Kudos Kampaign.”  These congratulatory messages can become a part of your standard rotation of Employee and Internal Communications.  Employees, Managers, and Executives can contribute to the content, and gift cards could be given monthly to selected winners.

Another aspect of any successful Corporation is its ability to quickly pivot based on up-to-date, real-time information on their message boards.  The technology makes it possible to change content “on-the-fly” based on metrics and KPI’s like production, quality issues, change orders, weather, and so much more.  However, changing content is just the first step – changing behavior and really “pivoting” as a business is the end goal.

MCC Media digital signage internal communications birth announcement template

Finally – Employees at your Company will grow so accustomed to receiving content this way that they will make it a fun part of your Company Culture.  Trivia Contests, Birthdays, Anniversaries, new baby arrivals, graduations, pizza day or special Food Truck Friday, etc., have all become so looked forward to that Employees anticipate the content and contribute ideas all the time.

At MCC, we love to engage our Clients and prospective Clients in conversations to help you improve Employee Communication, and as a result, improve your bottom line (think, retention, productivity, safety, quality, and so much more).  We have case studies and best practices and want to assist you as you include Internal Communications with your plans for 2021 and a Culture that Engages.  Contact us today to begin the conversation about how MCC Productivity and Communications Solutions powered by MCC Media can assist in ensuring your 2021 success.

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