Cabinet Books: Advanced QuickBooks Document Management Software


The Cabinet Books QuickBooks document management tool directly integrates SAFE paperless office software with the Intuit QuickBooks accounting suite. That means you can accomplish document management, accounts receivable and accounts payable in one step.

Cabinet Books QuickBooks document management software streamlines data entry and document filing into one consistent and efficient electronic process, saving time, reducing errors stemming from redundant data entry and increasing productivity. Cabinet document management software received 4.5 out of 5 stars from CPA Practice Advisor.

Cabinet Books lets you simultaneously access your SAFE or SAFE CLOUD document management repository and common QuickBooks data entry fields. Information can be entered directly into QuickBooks manually or by simply “lassoing” numbers with your mouse. Once the single data entry step is complete, a corresponding transaction can be instantly created in QuickBooks, or routed through any approval cycle. Best of all, supporting documentation – receipts, invoices, etc., – is always easily searchable and accessible within the SAFE document management system.

Cabinet Books is the ultimate QuickBooks document management tool.

  • Integrate your document management software directly with QuickBooks
  • Improve efficiency and accountability overnight
  • See real decreases in data entry-based errors
  • Quickly find and file receipts, invoices and more
  • Limit training time and speed ROI with familiar, QuickBooks-style controls
  • Support existing accounting and filing procedures

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