Still Opening Your Letters By Hand?


How much mail is your organization receiving each day? Odds are enough to take up way too much of your valuable time opening each piece by hand. It’s time to upgrade your mail process with one of Neopost’s Letter Openers offered only by MCC!

The Neopost Letter Opener series are office friendly envelope opening devices that maximizes your productivity by allowing you to distribute incoming mail faster throughout your organization. Whether processing checks, orders, remittance pieces or any incoming mail, the versatility of these products can open various envelope types, saves time, leave no waste and protects valuable contents.

Ease-of-Use – Load your envelopes, press the go button and remove your opened mail at the other side.  It’s that simple

Productivity – Quickly open mixed mail with speeds up to 300 envelopes per minute – without pre-sorting or envelope scraps. Keep track of daily usage with a built in resettable counter. The machine also has a jam detection and an empty feeder detection that automatically shuts off the letter opener if either of these occur.

Versatility – Open a range of envelope sizes from No. 10’s to flats.

Security – Experience no damaged documents, and safe extraction of contents with no sharp edges.

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