What Are the Benefits of a Letter Opening System?

How quickly important information reaches its intended recipients depends on how efficiently your incoming mail is processed and managed. Memphis Communications Corporation letter openers ensure incoming mail gets to the people who are waiting to process it faster. This means benefits to you and your customers:

  • Incoming payments can be processed and banked quicker to improve cash flow
  • Orders are processed immediately to help improve customer satisfaction
  • Minimum time is lost in dealing with any queries or companies – so your business relationships are unhindered by unnecessary delays
  • Urgently awaited mail can be identified and quickly passed on.

MCC offers a complete range of letter opener solutions to handle and distribute your company’s incoming mail from desktop models to high-speed production units.


Improve  Productivity

Reliable and easy-to-use mail opening machines increase the productivity of your business.

  1. They can handle mixed mail without pre-sorting and open a wide range of envelope sizes.
  2. They are so easy to use that there is no need for a dedicated mail operator.
  3. Their efficiency gives your staff more time to concentrate on more productive tasks.

Effective Mail Management

Incoming mail equipment delivers real flexibility and versatility for the management of incoming mail.

  1. MCC mailing machines combine high-performance opening and extracting with leading-edge digital imaging.
  2. They provide processing and archiving technologies.
  3. Our solutions allow all envelope formats to be processed without pre-sorting


Safely Handle High Volumes

Automatic letter opener solutions ensure valuable contents remain undamaged :

  1. Documents are safely extracted with no sharp edges.
  2. The empty envelope detection option delivers added security to ensure that all items are removed.
  3. The anti-jamming implemented device easily copes with paperclips and staples.

To schedule a demo, call MCC’s Mailing Solutions Division.  

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