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The Future of Business Communication: Why Cloud Calling is the Way Forward

The future of business communications - why cloud calling is the way forward

  The traditional on-premise phone systems are becoming increasingly inefficient and difficult to maintain. With the rise of cloud technology, businesses are now turning to cloud calling as a more cost-effective and reliable way to communicate. Cloud-calling reduces both costs and management requirements while increasing flexibility and scalability. It eliminates the need for expensive hardware […]

10 Reasons to Renew Your Office Equipment’s Maintenance Agreement

10 Reasons to Renew You Maintenance Agreement featured image

10 Reasons to Renew Your Office Equipment’s Maintenance Agreement Updated 09/08/2022 Your busy office is filled with technology that keeps your business running.  The multi-function device that serves as your printer, copier, scanner, and document management device is essential to your office operation.  The phone system, presentation equipment, and conferencing solutions are how you connect […]

The Benefits of Having a Maintenance Agreement

How does MCC set itself apart from the competition? By implementing a service strategy that requires 50 percent of the completed service calls made in a day to be courtesy or preventative maintenance calls with our maintenance agreements. As a result of this strategy, the service department has fewer emergency calls, and most customers never […]

VoIP Planning: 7 Ways Mobile Device Streaming Affects Your VoIP System

via IT Toolbox Streaming audio and video over corporate networks has been under discussion and scrutiny for more than a decade, but never before has this streaming had such an impact on networks. Some experts have estimated that 60 percent or more of traffic on a corporate network is from streaming services. Streaming services are […]

Let VoIP Analytics Help Your Business Intelligence

via IT Toolbox Before implementing a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solution, you looked at feature lists, costs, and other purchase decision factors prior to procurement. One important facet of VoIP solutions that is often overlooked is the analytics capabilities of the system. VoIP and unified communication (UC) systems can track a wide range of […]

5 Features Every Business VoIP Service Must Have

Dozens of different options for business Voice over IP (VoIP) service are available today, ranging from over-the-top providers to incumbent phone company cloud offerings. Features, not price, should be the primary way to evaluate business VoIP services. While some providers may be cheaper, lower cost doesn’t mean anything if service providers don’t have the tools […]

Hosted vs SIP and PBX: Which is best for your Business?

No matter the size of your business, choosing between a host service provider and an on-site SIP trunking system for your PBX needs is going to require some careful analysis. Hosting, for example, is often lauded as the better option for small businesses with a tight budget, but the reality is a bit more complicated. […]

The Power of VoIP in Disaster Recovery

Doug Mohney with VoIP News Hurricanes, floods, and other acts of nature can inflict severe damage on a businesses, wrecking equipment, ruining office space, and displacing staff. Boston’s record snow season is just one example of unexpected weather playing havoc with buildings, with overloaded roofs collapsing, clogged gutters forcing water and ice into buildings, and […]

Prime VoIP Advancements Benefiting Business Networks

According to Transparency Market Research, VoIP isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the firm says that “the VoIP services market is expected to foresee continuous growth in the coming years due to cost effectiveness, improving network infrastructure across the globe and rising demand for smart devices.” This growth sets the stage for critical advancements in VoIP […]