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In a world where efficiency and accuracy are crucial for success, it’s time to reimagine how your business handles Accounts Payable. MCC’s AP Automation software is specifically designed to streamline your AP workflows, saving you time, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity.

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Speed & Efficiency

Our AP Automation software significantly reduces the time required to process an invoice, from an average of 16.3 days in manual processing to just 6.1 days. This automation leads to faster turnaround times, enabling your AP department to keep pace with increasing demands without the need for additional staff.

Enhanced Accuracy

Our solution leverages advanced technologies like document imaging, data capture, and workflow integration to minimize errors and eliminate the risk of lost documents. Your AP staff can bid farewell to the frustrations of manual processing and human error, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Greater Visibility & Compliance

Our software provides complete process transparency, documenting every action taken, by whom, and when. This feature not only simplifies audits but also ensures that your AP processes align with stated policies and standards, helping you maintain compliance and accountability.

Cost Savings

Automating your AP processes slashes the average cost of processing an invoice from $22.75 to a mere $3.40. This substantial cost reduction translates into significant savings in labor, late fees, and paper-related costs, allowing you to retain more of your hard-earned profits.

Improved Payment Performance

MCC's AP automation software enhances your payment performance by expediting invoice processing and eliminating backlogs. With faster processing times, your organization can avoid late payments and take advantage of prompt pay discounts, further boosting your financial health.

Opportunities for Growth

By automating low-value tasks, our software frees up your AP department to focus on strategic initiatives. Whether it's financial analysis or streamlining processes for mergers or acquisitions, your team can contribute more significantly to your company's growth and success.

Experience Rapid, Cost-Effective Digital Transformation with Square 9's Business Essentials

Learn more about how Square 9’s Business Essentials can automate your AP workflow with pre-built workflows.

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Enhance Your AP Workflow

Transform your invoice and payment processes with FileBound’s AP automation solution. Eliminate time-consuming paperwork, enhance accuracy, and free up your AP team for tasks that drive your organization forward. Experience efficiency like never before.

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