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The Rising Trend of Direct Mail

Insights and Statistics for 2023

In a world where digital marketing has become the norm, you may be surprised to hear that direct mail is making a resurgence. However, this is exactly what is happening as businesses are turning to direct mail as an effective method of reaching their target audience. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the rise in direct mail and provide you with statistics and insights for 2023.

Why is Direct Mail Making a Comeback?

The resurgence of direct mail can be attributed to its effectiveness and high response rates. According to a report by Postcard Mania, the response rate for direct mail among people ages 18-21 is 12.4%, far higher than the 0.12% response rate for digital ads. This shows that even the younger generation, often thought to be digitally obsessed, appreciates and responds to physical mail.

Moreover, direct mail has an impressive open rate. The Print & Mail Communications Association reports a substantial open rate of 42.2%, with about 60% of direct mail recipients saying that the information they receive is useful (Data Axle USA).

1. Direct Mail is More Personal

Direct mail is a more personal way of marketing than digital methods. The fact that the recipient gets a physical piece of mail with their name on it can help build a stronger connection with them than an email or a social media ad. Direct mail can be customized and tailored to the recipient, offering a more personalized experience that can lead to higher engagement and greater conversions. Nerd Wallet reports that simply adding a name to your direct mail can increase response rates by 135%.

2. Direct Mail has Better Response Rate

Another reason why direct mail is making a comeback is due to its high response rate. According to a Data & Marketing Association study, direct mail has a response rate of 5.3%, which is significantly higher than email (0.6%) and paid search (0.5%). This means that direct mail can generate many more leads and conversions than digital methods. The DMA also states that 39% of customers tried a brand for the first time due to direct mail.

Informative and persuasive infographic in an MCC blog post, professionally illustrating the statistic that 60% of direct mail recipients deem the information useful. This confident image highlights the undeniable rising trend and practical benefits of employing MCC's direct mail solutions in 2023.
Persuasive infographic in an MCC blog post, confidently illustrating a robust 43% return on investment for direct mail letters in 2023. The image serves as a professional testament to the practical benefits and effectiveness of MCC's direct mail solutions.
3. Direct Mail is Cost-Efficient
Direct mail’s cost-efficiency is another factor contributing to its resurgence. Direct mail letters average a 43% ROI, according to the latest ANA Response Report, further validating this marketing strategy’s effectiveness ( According to Nerd Wallet, advertisers spend approximately $167 per person on direct mail, which results in an average ROI of $2095 worth of goods sold, making direct mail a solid investment.
4. Direct Mail is Less Cluttered

We are constantly bombarded with digital ads, emails, and social media posts. Cut through this noise by sending physical mail. The average person receives 121 emails per day, compared to just two pieces of physical mail per day. Therefore, direct mail has less clutter than digital marketing channels. As a result, it is more likely to grab the recipient’s attention and lead to higher engagement.

5. Direct Mail Provides Opportunities for Creativity

One of direct mail’s most significant advantages is its creative freedom. With digital marketing, there are constraints on what you can do in terms of design and layout. But with direct mail, you can be as creative as you want and use various materials, textures, and designs to make your mail stand out. By standing out, you can grab the recipient’s attention and increase the chances of a response. A 2021 study by the DMA states that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail over digital ads because it is more tangible.

6. Direct Mail Offers Measurable Results

Analyzing direct mail response rates and converting leads into sales can prove helpful in identifying its effectiveness. Since all responses to direct mail are identified individually, as opposed to online marketing, where you often have to rely on indirect measurements, you can see the performance of your direct mail campaigns more accurately.

7. Direct Mail Can Be Combined with Other Marketing Channels

When added to your multi-channel marketing, direct mail proves a valuable tool for directing traffic to your website, generating leads, and driving sales. Recent studies show that direct mail can help lift an online campaign by 62% and potentially increase sales by 49%

Infographic image illustrating the rising trend of direct mail in 2023, highlighting the statistic that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail over digital advertisements, underscoring the effectiveness of MCC's direct mail solutions.

Implementation and Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

Implementing a successful direct mail campaign requires careful planning, creative design, and targeted messaging. However, it can lead to significantly higher response rates and increased customer engagement when done correctly.
In addition to a powerful design and targeted messaging, you need the right mailing solutions. That’s where MCC comes in. For over 50 years, MCC has been a leader in mailing solutions.

Discover the Power of Direct Mail for Yourself

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