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When a company is first dipping its toe into the document management waters, it’s common to start small – implementing a few workflows, perhaps, or using it as a departmental solution. However, the real benefits of a proper DMS solution – like Cabinet SAFE – are realized once it’s deployed enterprise-wide.

Cabinet SAFE is fully equipped and flexible enough to scale up even if the system has already been deployed within one area of the company. With minimal disruption (and a very reasonable budget) you can expand the benefits of an existing SAFE document management deployment into other areas of the business. Here are three easy ways to share the Cabinet love throughout your organization:

1. Make Human Resources SAFE

Take advantage of low-hanging fruit and transition your Human Resources department to the document management system first. Cabinet SAFE is the ideal tool for archiving and retrieving confidential employee records and other sensitive HR documents in a compliant, secure fashion. Extensive privacy features allow access to authorized users only, and granular security configurations let you lock down everything from individual documents to folders to entire “cabinets.”

2. Reinforce Your Customer Relationship Management

A customer relationship management system built on poorly organized and incomplete customer records—digital or paper—is no system at all. SAFE ensures the foundation of your CRM is solid, secure, and easy to navigate by storing (and allowing 24/7 access to) a complete record of every engagement, from initial contact to contract completion. Plus, SAFE integrates with leading CRM systems including Salesforce, Sage Act!, Gorilla CRM, Junxure, Tigerpaw and more, so there is no need to change how you nurture those relationships.

3. Automate Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable touches all departments and is document intensive to say the least—two reasons companies are often hesitant to rock the boat … and why they really should. Automating accounts payable offers probably one of the largest opportunities for improvement and is that much easier if you’re already using SAFE within your organization.

The Cabinet AP module turns expensive and error-prone manual data entry and filing into a simple, scan-and-go system, securely locks down and tracks the approval process, and makes finding supporting documents a breeze—no more digging through inboxes, file folders or individual (and inconsistent) hard drives to find packing slips and other documentation. Automating accounts payable with Cabinet AP also means automatic integration with the Cabinet SAFE already in place and with Quickbooks or other similar applications so the entire process is seamless from beginning to end.

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