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Most people who purchase a multi-function device typically use it for one or two basic features; copy and print.  However, today’s copiers are capable of so much more than those basic functions and simply learning what your new investment is capable of can help increase your office efficiency and reduce costs.

Toshiba has produced a series of How-To videos to assist with learning the basic features of their new eStudio series of copiers.  Each week, we will share a video and discuss the benefits of the feature explained in the video.

This first video covers the steps of building a copy job on the Toshiba eStudio copier.  Job building is a way to create complex copy jobs for items that might have multiple sources or options.  For example, you need to make 20 copies of the handout for this afternoon’s board meeting but some of the information is a direct copy of an existing piece of paper which can be scanned in the document feeder, and part of it is in a book other item which must be scanned from the glass.  Previously, you might have been faced with making 20 copies of part 1 in the document feeder and 20 copies of part 2 on the glass and then collating and stapling the handout manually afterward.  With the job build feature, you can scan both parts of the document together and skip the manual part altogether.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Join us next week as we cover Part 2 — Saving and Recalling Job Templates.

If you haven’t purchased or upgraded your copier yet, be sure to check out our Document Solutions page for more information and request a free demonstration.