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Welcome back for Part 2 of the Toshiba series of how-to videos designed to help you utilize the features of your new eStudio MFD (multi-function device).  In Part 1 of the series you learned how to build complex jobs to simplify copying from multiple sources.  This week, we will discuss how to create and use Job Templates to further increase your efficiency.

So what is a job template and why would you need it?  Think about the things you have to copy on a regular basis such as newsletters, presentations, marketing materials, etc.  These items are typically copied with the same settings every time and can sometimes be complex to setup each time.  Job templates allow you to save all the settings for a particular copy job so that future jobs can be done by simply selecting the template.  This means that double-sided, magazine folded and center stapled newsletter you copy every week can now be done with just the push of a button.

If you haven’t purchased or upgraded your copier yet, checkout our Document Solutions page for more information and be sure to request a free demonstration.

Next week, we will discuss Multi-Station Printing.