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Welcome back to the Toshiba eStudio series of how-to videos.  In previous videos (Part 1 & Part 2), we discussed simplifying complex copy jobs with Job Build and Job Templates.  Today, we are going to switch gears and discuss printing.  Multi-station printing to be exact.  

Multi-station print is useful in offices with more than one Toshiba printer or MFP.  Everyone hates printing a document and walking all the way to the printer only to find someone is using it to make 200 copies of their latest 20 page presentation.  With the multi-station print feature, you no longer have to wait.  Simply select a different Toshiba MFP and retrieve your document.  By printing with multi-station print, your document is available for print on any Toshiba MFP and will not print until you select it on the copier’s touch panel.

Here’s the video from Toshiba to show you how it works.

For more information about our line of Toshiba copiers and printers, checkout our Document Solutions page and be sure to request a free consultation.

See you next Monday when we learn how to use the Private Print feature.