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Discover the New USPS Ground Advantage Service: Your Ultimate Mailing Solution

The world of mailing and shipping is constantly evolving, and staying on top of the latest developments is crucial for businesses of all sizes. On July 9, 2023, the United States Postal Service (USPS) launched a new service that is set to revolutionize domestic shipping – USPS Ground Advantage.


What is USPS Ground Advantage?

USPS Ground Advantage is an affordable and reliable ground shipping option suitable for larger and heavier packages that don’t require expedited delivery. It’s designed to cater to packages up to 70 lbs., providing a delivery window of 2-5 business days.


Why Choose USPS Ground Advantage?

Real-Time Tracking

With USPS Ground Advantage, you can track your packages in real-time, eliminating the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies shipping. You’ll always know where your package is, which saves you time and gives you peace of mind.



One of the major benefits of USPS Ground Advantage is its cost-effectiveness. This new service allows businesses to save significantly on their shipping costs. In these economically challenging times, every dollar counts, and USPS Ground Advantage is here to help your business reduce expenses.


Insurance Included

To protect your valuable assets, USPS Ground Advantage includes insurance coverage. Every shipment includes $100 of insurance at no additional charge. No more worrying about your shipments – USPS has got you covered!


Reliable and Efficient

USPS Ground Advantage eliminates the vagaries of air transport, promising coast-to-coast delivery. This makes it a reliable and efficient solution for businesses looking to ship their products nationwide.


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