Multi-Tenant Properties Solutions

Managing a multi-tenant property comes with many challenges, and we can help. From security to parcel pickup, MCC can help automate your processes so you can focus on what matters most.

Access Control

Managing traditional locks and keys for an ever-changing clientele is challenging and costly. For each lost or stolen key and each new occupant, locks have to be changed or rekeyed and that can get expensive. Managing keys for vacant properties is a hassle as well. MCC Secure offers a simple way to manage access control to all your doors and locks across the whole property, all in one easy-to-use platform. With a globalized user management system, you can manage user codes and access permissions to instantly add or remove access to a location. No more need for replacement keys or locksmiths.

MCC Secure provides real-time control of every location with the Enterprise Dashboard to give you ultimate control of your property. And if you add the video and alarm options, your entire property can be completely managed all in one app that can be controlled from anywhere.

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Package and Parcel Management

With the recent growth in online shopping, more and more people are having packages delivered. For multifamily residences, this means more packages being managed and stored by your staff.

Manual parcel processes are inefficient and prevent your staff from focusing on more important managerial tasks. MCC's Parce Pending Lockers from Quadient simplify the process by taking your staff completely out of the equation. Couriers make deliveries directly to the parcel lockers and can even pick up outbound returns. Parcel Pending Lockers are the automated and secure way to manage parcel deliveries and returns.

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Drive more engagement with your audience.

Common Area Communications

With MCC Media, you can engage with your residents through digital signage in your lobby, elevators, or other common areas. Our digital signage content management solution is a simple, but powerful, way to create content to relay information to your tenants, offer advertising space and have a quick way to display emergency alerts.

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Video Monitoring

With MCC Secure, you can view and record live video throughout your property from anywhere. Protect your tenants with video cameras in common areas and easily export incident footage for sharing when needed. Reliably monitor your property at all times with our state-of-the-art cameras with advanced features like HDR video, motion detection, and IR night vision.  Receive real-time alerts of trespassers or unexpected guests in prohibited areas and access full incident reports. And when you integrate your cameras with your alarm, access control, lights and thermostat, you can control your entire property from one simple platform.

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Simplified and Secure Parcel Management for Multifamily Residences

Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Locker Solutions simplify the management of incoming parcels by providing a secure and automated parcel process. Our lockers help property management companies reduce operational expenses while increasing resident satisfaction by providing a simple and convenient delivery and returns experience.