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Video Conferencing Backgrounds – Interior Design Considerations

Source: Video Conferencing Backgrounds – Interior Design Considerations – Draper, Inc Blog Site

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Cisco, a well-known provider of high end video conferencing systems, gives us advice on interior design considerations for a video install.

When considering the interior design of the video conferencing workspace, the primary goals should be to make the room as comfortable as possible, putting less emphasis on the technology. Specific colors are recommended for backgrounds and walls to enable better recognition of the participants without straining the capabilities of the video cameras. Recommended colors are soft, textured wall coverings, but smooth painted walls will work fi the colors are muted earth tone and the lighting is adjusted to suit. When considering furniture and walls be aware of color and physical characteristics that may make your video or audio input have to work harder. Immersive telepresence rooms provide total control of the lighting, furniture, walls and floor and one will then have more freedom to opt for other solutions regarding choice of material and colors, cf. the use of blue tinted lighting in the immersive room shown above.