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The USPS implemented First-Class Mail® price increases for letters and postcards, Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services, Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International on May 31. These rate changes included an average 1.949 percent increase for First-Class Mail, 1.926 percent increase for Standard Mail, 1.966 percent increase for Periodicals and 1.787 percent increase for Package Services

The metered-mail rate for a single-piece, one-ounce First-Class Mail business letter rose by ½¢ to 48.5¢.

All Neopost-brand mailing systems will support the new metered-mail rate except the IJ25/WJ20 platforms. They will offer the stamped-mail rate of 49¢.

Letters to all international destinations rose 5¢ to $1.20.

Postcard rates rose 1¢ to 35¢.

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