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2016 USPS Rate Increase Information

There are no planned changes to the First-Class Mail® or Standard Mail® rates in the January 2016 postage rate change.

Here are the major changes:

The average shipping/postage service price increase is 9.5%.
The average rate increase for Priority Mail postage is 9.8%.
The average rate increase for Priority Mail Express postage is 15.6%.
Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) for First-Class Package Service (FCPS) is eliminated.
Parcel Select® Nonpresort will be renamed to “Parcel Select Ground™” and Standard Post® will be renamed to “Retail Ground™.” This is a name change only and mail preparation and other requirements will remain intact.

Neopost USPS Rate Increase Information

For more information on how the postage rate change may effect you or your Neopost postage meter, contact MCC’s Mailing Solutions Division today!