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cloud computing
via Industry Analysts Inc

Cloud computing has become very popular, and there are benefits to utilizing the cloud to store your digital information. However, there are pitfalls that could trip up businesses when embracing the cloud. It’s important to make sure you’re ready before implementing a cloud computing solution. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Utilizing the wrong cloud service model. Is the provider and service you choose the right one for your needs? Not doing your homework could leave you with an inadequate service, or result in you overpaying for one you don’t need. Know exactly what your company’s needs are and find a solution that can meet them without wasting money.

Not making sure your cloud provider is prepared for the worst.
The cloud is not foolproof. Ask your provider about their disaster procedures and data recovery approach; make sure they are prepared to restore your data in the event of a failure. Is their backup retention long enough for the value of your data?

Failing to comply with laws and regulations.
Some industries have limitations when it comes to the types of data that can be stored in the cloud. Failing to comply and violating privacy laws can lead to fines, breaches of contract, and other troubles. Research any privacy laws that might apply to your business and be sure your cloud solution won’t result in a failure to comply with them.

Not going with a professional.
It seems as if just about every IT company is offering a cloud computing solution these days. But that doesn’t make them all qualified to do so. Get referrals from other business owners who have turned to the cloud and ask potential providers a lot of questions.

While cloud computing can be extremely beneficial to small, medium, or large businesses, implementing a cloud solution is not without its potential pitfalls. By avoiding these common mistakes you can avoid major hassles in the future.

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