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Managed Print Services (MPS) is an extremely valuable solution that enables a third-party provider to effectively manage and maintain your organization’s print environment. Offering benefits such as enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced costs, the right MPS solution from the right MPS provider can add significant value to a company. But is MPS right for your business?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when considering turning to an MPS solution:

• Will an MPS solution provide your business with a return on your investment? Would the expenditure in MPS result in increases in performance and reduction of costs to offset the investment?

• Is your current print environment adequately handling your office’s needs? Are the devices you currently have in place cost-effectively handling your workload, without sitting around unused collecting dust?

• Is your current print strategy flexible enough to adapt to inevitable changes in technology? Is it prepared to keep up with and evolve as technology advances?

• Is the security of your data and documents critical to your business’ survival? Are you confident that this information is adequately protected?

• Is excessive downtime from your print devices costing your company both money and productivity? Is your office constantly hamstrung by toner outages and out-of-service machines?

• Would your organization be better off if you spent less time worrying about printing, enabling you to focus on growing your business and servicing your customers? Is your staff overburdened by the responsibility of keeping your machines up and running?

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