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Send Business Communications in Just a Few Clicks

For most businesses, preparing and sending mail can be a time-consuming chore. Whether you send one or thousands of letters, invoices, or marketing communications a month, the process of sorting, folding, and mailing those communications can take a significant amount of your employee’s time. What if there was a way to make the process easier and free up your staff for other duties?

Neotouch by Quadient is a powerful web-based solution that handles the preparation and delivery of your business communications in just a few clicks. Use your business or office applications to create your documents like usual. Neotouch will process them for you. The Neotouch application gives you the power to print, sort, stuff, meter, and even deliver mail to the post office, all without leaving your desk.

graphic of Neotouch workflow

The Neotouch user-friendly online interface makes it easy and secure for you to send statements, invoices, reminder letters, personalized marketing communications, and other important business communications. Your documents are processed in a Neotouch facility that routes documents using a secure and completely automated process, eliminating the cost of manual labor and human error and guaranteeing reliability and decreased delivery time.

Send Mail from Anywhere – Even if You Are Working Remotely

Neotouch is a document delivery system that operates in the cloud, so your employees can continue to process and send mail even if they are working remotely from home. Employees continue to use the same desktop and office applications they have always used to create documents and print using the Neotouch print driver to begin processing the documents without leaving the desk or touching a piece of paper.

Benefits of Neotouch infographic

No Need for Complicated Equipment

Sending hundreds or thousands of documents monthly usually requires investment in printers, postage meters, and even folding and inserting machines. More equipment means more trained employees to operate those machines, manage the postage funds, and order supplies and consumables. This labor-intensive and time-consuming process can get increasingly expensive as your mailing needs grow.

Neotouch eliminates the need for complicated in-house mailing equipment because all the printing, sorting, inserting, and mailing is done in a Neotouch facility and not at your business. This greatly reduces your in-house costs and frees your employees to focus on other tasks necessary to grow your business.

Powerful Solution

Neotouch is a powerful solution that facilitates the preparation and delivery of your business communications through traditional postal mail and allows you to send your documents via email, fax, or text. And with the ability to archive and easily retrieve all your documents in a secure and dedicated infrastructure, Neotouch is even more powerful.

MCC is proud to be a Quadient partner and winner of numerous yearly Quadient dealer awards. If you would like to know more about how Neotouch can help reduce your mailing costs, request a live demo, and speak with one of our experts. Learn more about the rest of our Mailing Solutions.

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