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Time – By working with digital rather than paper documents, time once wasted manually filing and retrieving documents or searching for lost or missing documents can be spent more productively servicing your customers or growing your business.

Money – The cost of physical storage for paper documents adds up, including the manpower to manually file and retrieve paper documents. Other savings come from reducing the amount of postage, ink/toner, and paper your business uses. Not to mention the costs associated with lost or missing documents, the replacement of which is estimated at $250 apiece.

Space – Electronic documents take up a fraction of the space that paper versions do. Off-site storage becomes unnecessary and the space once taken up by filing cabinets can be put to better use.

Legal Woes – Document Management provides access control, protecting sensitive or classified information by limiting who can access it. Audit trails track whoever views and edits your documents. These measures help businesses ensure regulatory compliance.

Your Business – Yes, most important of all, a Document Management system can help save your business. From going out of business. Paper files and records can be irretrievably lost due to corporate espionage, fire, flooding, or nature disaster.

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