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MCC is a 50 year old, locally owned business with offices in Memphis, Nashville, Jackson, Tn, and Jackson, Ms.

We are proud to provide businesses with the technology that is essential for modern businesses to succeed.

If you have a drive to help people and the desire to be part of our incredible family, fill out the form and register for the career fair. Come meet our team and learn more about our open positions.

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What Our Employees Say About Us

At MCC, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. We prioritize the well-being and growth of our employees, ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated. Our company culture is built on teamwork, collaboration, and respect for one another.

Working at MCC goes beyond just a job; it’s about being embraced as part of a close-knit family. Discover the heartfelt experiences of our employees within the MCC Family.

I have worked here almost 31 years and of all the things I like about MCC the thing I like best is that it is as important to management to hire good people as it is to hire someone they think will be a good employee. I have several life-long friends who I may never have met if not for MCC, so don't miss your opportunity to do the same!

Julie Levitt - 31 years Client Services & Support Specialist

MCC, what a great place to work! I have been with MCC for 3 years now and I can honestly say the work environment here is second to none!

Nancy - 3 years Benefits Onboarding Hospitatilty, AP Inventory Audit

I found my career home 15 years ago when I joined the MCC team. It has been an amazing journey with opportunity for growth and advancement beyond my expectations. It is a wonderful place to work with such great people.

Sharon Bolton - 15 years Manager - Accounts Payable Inventory Audit

Joining MCC was a huge career change for me, coming from the bakery world. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made. The culture here is supportive and nurturing of your learning and growth as a person as well as within the company. We work hard to serve our clients and still manage to have fun while doing it!

Diana - 3 years Dispatch Service Specialist

MCC is a great place to build a career with great teammates and extraordinary support from everyone on the team. We have become a large blended family and it is an honor to work alongside each person at MCC. It is encouraging to see the current leadership very much engaged in the success of the company and the next generation is working alongside to continue this fantastic journey. I have worked at MCC for about 23 years and plan to have many more productive years before retiring.

Steve Smith - 23 years Sales Consultant, CPS - Security Sales Division

I have been with MCC for just under 4 years now. In this time I have built some solid relationships internally and have not only colleagues, but friends. It is actually more family than mere friends. The camaraderie and support you experience from everyone are unheard of in the general professional setting. Through working at MCC, I grew in knowledge and faith with the help of my friends/family.

Ian Coetzee - 4 years Professional Technical Representative

Within my professional experience, MCC has provided one of the most favorable work environments to date. As the Rental Coordinator/Technician, I take great pride in my work and am fulfilled with excitement each morning. I am consistently expanding my knowledge and capabilities with business and technical aspects, as every day provides me with invaluable opportunities to learn.

Clif Dowell - 1 year Rental Solutions Coordinator

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