Problems the Medical Industry Faces

Medical professionals are faced with numerous challenges that impact patient care. MCC offers numerous healthcare solutions to help eliminate some of the technology pain points that impact patient care.

Document Management

The traditional method of paper recordkeeping results in lost forms, incorrect information, and potential security violations. In addition to the cost of keeping and storing all that paper, there is the cost of maintaining a fleet of printers and copiers.

HIPAA Compliance

Ensuring patient information remains secure is essential. From security breaches to lost paperwork, HIPAA compliance is a major concern for any medical facility.

Patient Communication

Many healthcare organizations rely on outdated manual and labor-intensive processes to send critical patient communications such as statements, consent forms, release of information requests and insurance documents.

Medical Billing

Many healthcare organizations rely on outdated manual and labor-intensive processes to send critical patient communications such as statements, consent forms, release of information requests, and insurance documents. Daily external factors, like rising patient expectations, government mandates including HIPAA, and a remote workforce are adding more complexity to your mailing operations.

Problems We Solve

Secure Document Printing and Scanning

Data security is a top priority for healthcare organizations. Your print management solution needs to protect Personal Health Information (PHI) to maintain compliance, integrate with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application for seamless security, and be easy to use so staff can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Easy Patient & Staff Communication

From lobby displays showing wait times and marketing to breakroom displays for internal communications, MCC Media helps communicate your message to patients and employees. Our widget-based content management system allows you to create dynamic content easily and integrates with a variety of sources such as cloud storage, social media, and even your internal software systems. MCC Media is simple but powerful

Video and Access Security

Physical security is essential in healthcare, but security guards can't be everywhere. With MCC Secure, your facility can be covered 24/7.  MCC Secure is an all-in-one platform with CCTV surveillance cameras, controlled access, remote viewing and notifications, lighting control, and energy management. MCC Secure helps secure your entire facility and provides easy-to-use access to your security from your desktop or mobile app.

Billing & Patient Communications

With MCC's mailing solutions, you can eliminate manual processes, consolidate your mailing workflow, send communications digitally, and even outsource your entire mailing process. From postage meters and letter folding and inserting machines to outsourcing software solutions, MCC can help take the pain out of your billing and invoicing processes and save you money.

Secure Faxing

Every medical facility faxes PHI (Patient Health Information), but the FCC is forcing the "sunset" of traditional, analog fax technology. MCC offers secure cloud-based faxing solutions that allow you to continue to fax PHI and provides HIPAA compliance to ensure patient data safety. These solutions integrate with your EMR/EHR, allow you to keep your current fax number, and are cost-effective.

24/7 Support on All Our Solutions

MCC is proud to provide 24/7 remote support for all our solutions. After-hours service calls are available outside your maintenance agreement for issues that cannot be resolved remotely. In addition to our helpdesk team, MCC provides an Express Passport for each solution installed. Your Express Passport allows you to easily and quickly request a service call and order supplies. With the 24/7 Helpdesk and the Express Passport, MCC makes getting help easy.


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