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The Customer Experience is everything.

These days, marketers have to overcome the effects an increasingly digitized lifestyle has on the brain. According to a report from Microsoft, humans generally lose focus after 8 seconds. Before the mobile revolution began in the year 2000, the average attention span was 12 seconds. This means a marketer must work harder to grab potential customers attention in less time.

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At MCC, we work hard to provide the best customer experience, period. But, no matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. Recently, MCC decided to invest in digital billboards to increase branding, visibility and traffic for customers. Constructing and installing the signs was easy thanks to Williams Sign Company. Programming the software to get content on the signs was also a cinch. The real challenge came with figuring out how to grab the attention of people passing by and get across a message of who we are and what we do, within 5 seconds.  Why 5 seconds?  This is the average amount of time someone will physically be able to see our digital signage as they drive past.  This means our content has to be bright and colorful enough to grab people’s attention, and the text must be brief and display a clear message so people driving by quickly understand what MCC is all about.

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Digital billboards enable unique marketing communication, allowing advertisers to deliver dynamic and conditional content, to continually draw in the highly sought after attention of customers. Whether your business needs indoor retail or restaurant signage, digital signs in employee spaces for communication, or outdoor digital billboards, the team at MCC can design a solution to install and control the right digital signage for your company’s needs.

What experience are your customers receiving?