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If you’re still using a dinosaur copier or expensive commercial printer, it’s time to upgrade. You know that. Your employees know that. The only question is choosing the right printer for your business needs. You want something that will last and keep up with your company’s growth—and we can help! Here are the top 9 reasons to buy a new copier.

At MCC, we install new technologies at businesses across Tennessee and Mississippi every day, meaning we’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t. We’ll show you which features will help increase your productivity and reduce costs. This way, your team will always have access to the latest technology while enjoying savings on printing costs.

A new copier will reduce the total cost of ownership and improve efficiency

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is the sum of all expenses related to using equipment or software. A new copier will reduce TCO by:

Modern copiers are more efficient than older models, decreasing their TCO by reducing energy consumption and not requiring as much toner or paper.

When you buy an older model copier, it may seem like it’s a good deal because it’s cheaper upfront. Still, after factoring in how much it costs to use each year (maintenance/repair costs), it may be more expensive than a newer model that doesn’t require as much maintenance/repair work.

A new copier offers more features that can increase productivity and reduce costs.

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A new copier can offer a range of features that will help you save money and increase productivity, including:

A new copier is better for the environment.

If you’re looking for a way to help reduce your carbon footprint, replacing an aging copier or consolidating your printer fleet into one multifunction device is a great start. Modern copiers are much more energy efficient than older models and are Energy Star-rated, ensuring they meet all current energy consumption and efficiency standards. And if you replace your existing desktop printer fleet with a single multifunction device, your energy consumption is even more drastically reduced.

Another way a new copier can help the environment is with reduced toner waste. Modern toner cartridges typically last longer than their predecessors because of technological advancements in manufacturing. Longer-lasting toner cartridges mean less costly supplies to order and less plastic waste for the environment.

Paper usage has also decreased thanks to technological improvements such as scanning to email or scanning documents directly into your computer or mobile device to access later or share with others digitally. Less paper usage means more trees are saved, and there is less paper waste to be recycled.

A new copier is a more cost-effective solution than a fleet of consumer-grade printers.

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How many desktop printers do you currently have in your office? How often do you have to buy ink or toner for these printers? Do you know how often these are used or how efficient they are? What if you replaced these individual printers with a new shared-use copier?

Copiers are more cost-effective than consumer-grade printers in the long run and can save you money on cartridges, toner, and other consumables. Consumer-grade printers can be very expensive because they are often used to print large volumes of documents or to print unnecessary items simply because it is convenient. This requires using significant amounts of ink and paper, which frequently reordering costly supplies. A copier is designed with these high-volume printing needs in mind so it will last longer before needing replacement supplies or consumables. A shared copier also helps to cut down on unnecessary printing because it is less convenient to make the trip to the copier each time something is printed.

For even more cost savings, MCC offers a line of Print Management software to help show you where your printing costs are and how to reduce those costs.

A new copier will support your growing business needs

It’s important to consider how your business will grow as the years pass. A new copier, with the latest technology and features, will be able to support your future needs. You might want to invest in an upgraded machine that can handle the higher volume or add a feature like a document finisher that allows you to fold, staple, or even bind documents.

A new copier can streamline workflows, saving you time and money

Many of the reasons to buy a new copier are related to cost savings, but one of the most important benefits is that you’ll be able to reduce your time spent on administrative tasks. When it comes to printing, having a streamlined workflow can save you money in both labor costs and in the amount of time you spend on these tasks.

A new copier with document workflow options can help reduce time spent at the copier by combining multiple tasks into one button. Jobs requiring the same paper type or size, same duplexing or finishing options can be set up in the copier under one button. This way, your employees no longer have to manually configure the copier each time they run the same job. They simply push one button, and the print comes out perfect each time. Less time at the copier means more time completing more important tasks.

Your team will appreciate the modern, intuitive design

Your team will appreciate a modern copier with a user-friendly interface and new features that will make their jobs easier. From touchscreen interfaces to mobile and cloud-friendly features, your employees can get their work done quicker and with less frustration, freeing them up to handle more complex tasks.

You can add personalized options to your new copier

Many modern copiers have the capability to personalize their touchscreen interfaces or even add intuitive apps that can help your employees perform mundane tasks with ease. Add your company logo to the background of the copier touchscreen or rearrange the touchscreen buttons to prioritize the most used functions. The possibilities are endless.

You’ll have local support from an award-winning company that covers Tennessee and Mississippi

You’ll have local support from an award-winning company covering Tennessee, Mississippi, and beyond. We’re here for you 24/7, offering a variety of services, including:

Upgrade your office’s efficiency by investing in a multifunction printer that meets your business’s needs and budget while offering long-term savings on printing costs.

We hope you are now more confident in your decision to invest in the right copier for your office, and we’ve given you plenty of reasons why our multifunction printers are a good choice. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns that may come up along the way during this process, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can provide any assistance. We look forward to speaking with you soon!  Request a Quote!