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THE BENEFITS OF a manitenance agreement

How does MCC set itself apart from the competition? By implementing a service strategy that requires 50 percent of the completed service calls made in a day to be courtesy or preventative maintenance calls with our maintenance agreements. As a result of this strategy, the service department has fewer emergency calls, and most customers never have to place a service call. MCC utilizes this saved time to focus on training the customer to make the most out of using their new system. The most important factor is talking with customers during these visits and asking questions to see if any problems need to be addressed.

What is a Courtesy Call?

Each one of our six divisions has its own service group that is made up of factory-trained Subject Matter Expert technicians. These experts visit their clients for unscheduled, non-repair courtesy calls 4 times a year on average.  These courtesy calls allow our technicians to inspect and clean the client’s system, repair any previously unreported damage, perform any necessary preventative maintenance, and assist the client with any issues that may have arisen since the last visit. These courtesy calls come standard with every active maintenance agreement.

What does a Courtesy Call include?

Because MCC is a one stop shop for all your technology and office automation needs, each service division handles different needs during courtesy calls. In addition to the standard cleaning and inspection, technicians from each group will perform the following services:

AV, Audio Visual, technicians will check the lamps in a projector to see hour many hours are left of the life of the lamp and determine if it needs to be replaced, before the projector stops working. All projectors powered by a bulb or lamp, like any light source, will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Most bulbs or lamps will last for about 2,000 hours, though some projectors can be expected to last considerably longer. You can always extend the lifespan of your office’s projector by taking care of it with regular maintenance. With MCC’s Courtesy Calls, our clients experience less downtime due to burned out lamps. AV techs will also check batteries in microphones, check connectivity or presentation devices and ensure your system is still working as intended.

Copier technicians replace rollers and rebuild fusers to keep things printing smoothly. Toner for the copy machine can add up, especially if the copier is using too much of it due to paper jams and improper settings. Regular maintenance of the copy machine can help to maximize its efficiency, including how it uses toner. A clean machine will use toner more efficiently, so during a maintenance visit, the technician will clean all sensors of powder and dust. Preventive maintenance of your copier also helps to lower its energy usage. While most copy machines are in standby mode when not printing or faxing, they do continue to draw electricity. Cleaning of the machine’s rollers, glass and sensors helps to lessen the amount of electricity that is consumed in active and standby modes.

Mailing technicians check and clean all printing elements.  Waste ink can build up causing premature ink failure as well as bad print quality and dirty rollers.  Cleaning of all feed and separator elements ensure a minimal amount of envelope stoppages.  The sealer will also be cleaned and drained if applicable which extends the life of the moistening brushes and reduces sealing failures.  The technician will also recalibrate all sensors including the weighing platform which if left unmaintained, can cause postage expenditures per piece to be greater than required.  A properly maintained system will last much longer than one which is not regularly checked and adjusted to manufacturer specifications.  While on site the technician will also evaluate supply levels to ensure reduced down time due to running out of any necessary items required to run daily mail. A regularly maintained system will be more reliable and last longer.  You’ll experience less down time and extend the replacement period.

Clients with a security camera system will get a visit from a technician to check the aiming and focus of each camera, and make sure that the entire system is communicating the proper information. For card access security clients, a Courtesy Call checks each door and lock for proper closure and secure locking.  The technicians will check your software for needed updates or maintenance and create a backup of your current settings to prevent loss in the future. Regular system checkups help catch issues before they take your system down so you don’t have to worry when the worst happens.

If you have regular maintenance performed, you will help avoid costly downtime.  By having us service your system a few times a year, we can help prevent a small problem from becoming an expensive tragedy.

If your system is not currently under a maintenance agreement, contact our service group today to discuss your options.