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Energy Management

Connect your thermostats, lights, and other devices to your security system for a responsive and secure set of energy-saving options. Save money on energy bills and protect your property with our smart thermostats and energy management technology.

MCC Secure - Access Control

Access Control

Securing your property can be a daunting task. You need to ensure that only authorized personnel have access, at the right times, and that you’re not wasting energy by keeping things locked up when they don’t need to be. Businesses lose an average of $5,000 per day due to theft, and that’s just the reported…

MCC Office Technology Solutions

MCC Solutions

At MCC, we aim to decrease our clients’ expenses and dramatically increase their profitability by implementing proven office technology solutions. We effectively evaluate each client’s current technology processes and provide the most cost-effective tools and technology to help our clients communicate their message to their target audience through one of our six distinct disciplines. By…

MCC Secure business security solutions

Security Solutions

Your business is too crucial for you to take security lightly. You must protect your customers and facility in order to grow and thrive, and your business security solutions play a big part in that protection. As a business owner, you want to know that your customers and employees are safe. You also want to…


3 Types of Security That AV Systems Encounter In Higher Education

Source: 3 Types of Security that AV Systems Encounter in Higher Education | HARMAN Professional Solutions Insights


There’s a wide range of meanings that can be ascribed to the word “security” in higher education. From IT Security to physical security to safety and emergency response, many disciplines fall under the term “security”. Schools typically address these issues in an overall operations security policy, which dictates the overall security posture of the organization. The operational security policy covers a variety of assets, including physical assets like chairs, intellectual assets like data, as well as actual people on campus. School officials use the estimated risk they expect people and property to face to determine the appropriate amount of effort required to keep assets (and people) safe. Audio/video professionals need to be aware of the operational security policy of the institution, as systems designs often must address many of these concepts.