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Welcome to week 7 of our 10 part how-to video series.  Last week we talked about Cloud applications builtin to your new Toshiba copier.  This week, we discuss scanning to email when the file size exceeds the limit setup by your email administrator.

Scanning to email is a very helpful feature of your new copier, but when the document you need to scan is too large to email to yourself, what do you do?  With the new eStudio series of Toshiba copiers, this is not a problem.  Once your administrator sets a scan size limit and configures the url settings iside the copier, any scan exceeding the preset size limit is automatically sent as a url instead of an attachment.  Simply open the email, click the link to the url, and download your document.  Not only does this make it easy to send large files via email, but it also cuts down on network traffic and email mailbox size.

Watch the video to learn more about this feature.

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