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MCC recently formed a partnership with Panasonic to bring the best quality projection systems to our clients, and the timing couldn’t be better.  Panasonic has just released some of the most advanced and feature-packed laser projectors available in the industry.

Panasonic has long been an industry leader in the projection field.  By pushing advances in projection technology, Panasonic has created the feature list that top rental and staging professionals now demand in their projection systems.

No other manufacturer today can compete with the variety and quality of projectors that Panasonic produces.

With all these industry firsts, it was no surprise when Panasonic contacted us with news of their latest offerings: the PT-RZ21KU and PT-RS20KU Solid Shine Laser Projectors. These are some of the most compact and lightweight projectors in the high-brightness class.  With 21k and 20k lumens, respectively, these are some of the brightest laser projectors in the field today, and MCC was thrilled to have one in our office before the official product launch.

MCC, in conjunction with Panasonic, Skyville Live, and Universal Music Group, hosted an event in our theatre to screen Skyville Live’s Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute Concert back in August.  With the concert being projected onto our movie theatre-sized screen through the PT-RZ21KU projector, the image quality was so real it almost felt like we were sitting in the room with the artists.  But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself in the video below.  This video was shot on a handheld iPhone 6S Plus, not professional equipment, and the quality of the projected image is still incredible.

For live projection, concerts, movies, and any other event that requires high brightness and superior quality images, our Panasonic laser projectors are essential.  With features like complete 360 degree mounting options, a Durable Dust-proof Optical System, and Panasonic’s new patent-pending Dynamic Contrast Sync feature which provides linked 20,000:1 contrast across groups of linked projectors, the PT-RZ21KU and PT-RS20KU provide industry leading quality at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  Joseph Kirk, Audio Visual Solutions Sales Manager for MCC says the Panasonic PT-RZ21KU provides “truly one of the best images that has ever been produced out of a projector without breaking the bank”.  The dust resistant design, which combines a hermetically sealed optical engine and laser light source, ensures these projectors remain maintenance free for up to 20,000 hours while still maintaining superior image quality.  The low power consumption allows users to operate two projectors on one 220 volt/30 amp circuit. And the laser engine eliminates the need for constant bulb replacement.  All of these features drastically reduce your TCO.  Combine that with MCC’s preventative maintenance service (included in each sale), and these projectors practically pay for themselves.

For more information on these or any of Panasonic’s laser projection systems, contact MCC.  Request a free consultation with our Audio-Visual experts to see which system will work best in your facility.