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Welcome back to Part 5 of our Toshiba How-To Video series.  These video tutorials are designed to introduce you to the features of your new eStudio series MFP.  This week we will learn about the builtin OCR (Optical Character Recognition) settings of your copier.

OCR is a method of scanning paper documents into digital format that allows for searching and editing of the digital version.  Traditionally, documents were scanned into PDF, TIFF, or JPG formats and what you saw was what you got.  You had no ability to search your PDF for keywords, edit the document at a later date, or change the format in anyway.  If these were options you needed, you would need to purchase additional software to perform the OCR function.  With the new eStudio series of copiers from Toshiba, the OCR function is now embedded in the software and accessible from the control panel each time you scan.

Here is the step by step guide to creating searchable and editable documents with Toshiba’s Embedded OCR.

If you haven’t purchased or upgraded your copier yet, be sure to checkout our Document Solutions page for more information and request a free demonstration.

Next week, we will learn how to utilize the Cloud Applications available on Toshiba MFPs.