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Welcome to Part 9 of the Toshiba how-to video series.  Today, we are learning how to print banners from your Toshiba MFP.  If you missed a previous episode, you can find them here.

Have you ever needed to print a banner or anything on irregular paper sizes but couldn’t figure out how?  Printing banners can be very useful when you need to get your message out on a larger or longer scale.  From birthday or anniversary greetings to marketing materials, banners can make a splash and draw attention to your message.  Printing banners on the Toshiba MFP with Toshiba’s AquaAce paper is simple.

Watch the video below to find out how to create beautiful banners.

If you haven’t purchased or upgraded your copier yet, be sure to check out our Document Solutions page for more information and request a free demonstration.  Be sure to ask for your AquaAce paper so you can begin printing banners today!