Digital signage fundamentals: A roadmap for success

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By Alan C. Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting

As we review New Year’s resolutions for 2016, it is a safe bet that many reading this article have on their list the desire to expand their footprint and involvement in digital signage or perhaps enter the fray for the first time. But where should they begin?

Even to the casual observer the digital signage industry is a growing market with apparent opportunities that beg to be addressed. The question at hand is just how to approach and then take advantage of these opportunities. One fact of life in digital signage is that over the last decade it has evolved and those early days of low hanging fruit are on the wane. The good news is that new opportunities abound but they now reside in ways that perhaps are not so obvious and have not yet been discovered or even imagined.

5 Future Trends of Digital Signage from the Trenches

From: Corporate Tech Decisions by Rick Mattock

What are the Future Trends for Digital Signage?

The Audience
Technology can and will continue to play a part in objectively determining the audience (size and make up) of any participating device. There will be some bumps in the road as public opinion and laws are formed to clearly define anonymous audience analytics from facial recognition and tracking. But the revenue implications for targeted content are so large in the primary digital signage market segments (i.e., retail and transportation) this will be solved. Digital Signage vendors participating from content creation through software triggers through hardware (e.g., cameras and beacons) manufacturers must assume this will happen to be competitive.

The Medium
Watching the innovation from the display device manufacturers these last 15 years has been one of the greatest highlights of working in digital signage. From 3D projection to media sticks, from interactive and impressive experiences to flexible LED displays, and more to come. Remember when we thought a sub-$1,000 USD flat screen was the key to the digital signage explosion? It’s hard to imagine any limitations with laser projection and mobile devices. We humans like to look at shiny objects and digital signage – maybe, second only to the movie industry – is the place for those seriously interested in functional shiny objects.