Businesses need to deal with paper’s invisible footprint

Source: Businesses need to deal with paper’s invisible footprint | Information Age

The majority of business information is still spending much of its lifespan on paper, despite the fact that paper presents an ongoing challenge to businesses.

Last December, just as everyone was preparing to head home for the festive break, a worrying story hit the scientific research press. A team at the University of British Columbia had been attempting to collect original research data from a random set of 516 studies published between 1991 and 2011. They discovered that 80% of the scientific data that informed the studies had been lost.

They noticed that for the first two years after publication, data was properly filed, protected and stored. Then it started to disappear, at a rate of 17% a year. Never to be found again.

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Five Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

Source: Five Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing – Corporate Tech Decisions

Listen to the hype, and you’d be given a pass for thinking cloud computing is all benefit and no drawback. Thanks to the market’s maturity and rising diversity, however, you’re not far off the mark. Pros now significantly outweigh cons, but companies still need to know where they’re headed and what to expect when they arrive. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Pro: Accessibility
The biggest benefit of cloud computing? Accessibility. When software, platforms and even infrastructure are no longer tied to your physical network, users can easily tap in anywhere, anytime. What’s more, the cloud supports all device types from desktop PCs to tablets, smartphones and the growing market of IoT machines. As noted by My Tech Bits, for example, cloud offerings are a big plus for medical companies that may need access to patient data — day or night, weekend or even holiday. By removing local stacks as the limiting factor, companies can effectively bring needed corporate data with them wherever they go and scale up storage and speed on demand to meet emerging needs.

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