A Comprehensive Physical Security Platform

The smarter way to protect your facility

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

With MCC Secure, you can monitor your healthcare facility 24/7 with high-definition, security-grade CCTV surveillance cameras. Our cameras are designed to detect suspicious activity and capture detailed images of people and objects within your facility. With remote viewing and notifications, you can stay connected and be alerted to any potential security threats.

Controlled Access

With MCC Secure, you can control access to your premises with our advanced access control systems. Our systems allow you to set up access control for every door, gate, and area of your facility, giving you complete control and peace of mind. MCC Secure's controlled access system provides an added layer of security, allowing you to control who is allowed access to certain areas of the facility.

Energy Management

MCC Secure also provides energy management capabilities to help you monitor and manage your energy usages, such as lighting and temperature controls. With lighting and temperature control, you can easily set up schedules and remotely control your lights, and thermostats, helping to reduce energy costs and keep your facility secure.

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24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring

MCC Secure is an all-in-one platform that provides comprehensive physical security solutions for healthcare facilities. Our platform is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras, controlled access, remote viewing and notifications, lighting control, and energy management. Our platform allows you to monitor your facility 24/7, giving you peace of mind knowing that your facility is secure.

MCC Secure - Video Security

Easy-to-Use Access from Your Desktop or Mobile App

With MCC Secure, you can easily access your security from your desktop or mobile app. Our platform provides easy-to-use access to your security from any device, allowing you to stay connected to your facility 24/7. Our app also allows you to manage access control, view alarms and notifications, control lighting, and more, all from your fingertips.

Secure Your Entire Facility

MCC Secure helps secure your entire facility. Our platform is equipped with CCTV surveillance cameras and controlled access that help you monitor your facility 24/7. Our platform also helps you to manage energy consumption and control lighting in your facility, helping you to save energy and money. With MCC Secure, you can rest assured knowing that your healthcare facility is secure.

MCC Secure - Video Security

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