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2016 MCC Christmas Breakfast

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the MCC family.  We hope your holidays are filled with joy and love. Each year, the MCC family gets together for a Christmas breakfast.  We would like to thank the Panini Catering company for the wonderful food.  Thank you to the Berry’s for hosting this event.  And may God […]

Happy Thanksgiving

It began as a mere assignment to interview my fellow employees and write a blog post.  It turned into an interesting assessment of life inside MCC. With a random and spontaneous approach, I asked employees of MCC, on an individual basis, one question: “What is it about working at MCC that you enjoy the most?” […]

MCC Teammate Core Values

Memphis Communications Corporation is a lifelong career center.  It is a place where people can grow.  We strive to be the best at what we do and part of that is upholding a set of core values.  Each teammate at MCC embodies these values.  Promises made. Promises kept. Since 1972.   At MCC, this is […]

Sean Lee Berry

Thank you to all who have provided your incredible outpouring of love, care, concern, and prayers for Sean Berry and our family. We are extraordinarily saddened at the loss of an incredible brother, dearest friend, and extraordinarily talented business teammate. We were so honored to be his brother and look forward to seeing him again […]