How to Reduce Postage Costs for Your Business’s Outbound Mailing

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If you’re looking to get the most out of your mailing and shipping budget, it’s important to look at where you can save money. For instance, some businesses may not realize that they could reduce postage costs by using a postage meter or other shipping solutions. Other businesses might be sending letters and packages with excess packaging materials that could be avoided! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to reduce your postage costs and ensure your business gets the best rate possible.

Analyze your mailing process.

It’s important to analyze your mailing process.

  • Look at the packages and envelopes you are using. Are they too large? Can they be folded or reduced in size?
  • Look at your mailing process. Is it manual, or can it be automated with a machine like a postage meter?
  • Are you wasting time manually writing labels or stuffing envelopes?
  • Look at the mailing rates you are using and if they are the most appropriate for your needs.
  • What is the cost per envelope or item if you’re using machines? Can this number be lowered by finding a better machine or switching vendors?

Use a postage meter or other shipping solutions for better, more cost-effective mailing.

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Postage meters are a great way to save money on postage, and they’re also an essential part of any business’ shipping operation. You can use a postage meter for both outbound and inbound mailings and shipping and bulk mailing needs. Most businesses find that postage meters save them time, money, and hassle when it comes to mailing.
Some of the advantages of using a postage meter include:

  • They allow you to measure packages accurately so that you know your shipping costs before sending them off.
  • You can get free shipping supplies if you choose to use one from your local post office instead of buying your own separate ones from companies like Amazon or Staples (which tend not to be discounted).

Choose the right envelope size to save on bulk mail postage.

Another way you can save on postage costs is by choosing the right envelope size. For example, if you’re sending out a bunch of business cards and flyers, using a flat rate envelope will save you money over an envelope requiring extra stamps. The same goes for postcards; they cost less than standard letters because they are smaller.
In addition to the type of mail piece itself, other factors can affect how much it costs to mail something. Here are some examples:

  • Padded envelopes require fewer stamps than regular letters; if your company uses padded envelopes regularly, it might be worth investing in bulk mailing equipment.
  • Certified mail requires special equipment and is expensive but ensures all recipients (including overseas ones) receive their items safely and intact.
  • Registered mail works similar to certified mail but also includes insurance up to $5 million against theft or loss of contents during transit.

   For more tips, download the Checklist- How to Avoid Common Surcharges and Fees 

Avoid excess packaging materials.

When preparing your mail for delivery, avoid excess packaging materials. Each piece of extra packaging material (PE) is an additional expense that you must pay to the postal service to accept your shipment. Here are some tips on reducing the amount of PE used:

  • Choose the right size envelope. If possible, choose a standard or square-flap envelope with smaller gussets when sending out invoices instead of larger window envelopes or other designs with large openings and flaps.
  • Use the correct weight envelope for each type of document being sent out; this will reduce costs associated with excess postage charges due to over-weighted packages.
  • Choose the appropriate thickness for each type of document being sent out; this ensures that your package meets weight requirements without having to use extra padding, which adds unnecessary cost. For example, if you’re mailing paperwork such as contracts or agreements between businesses, then using two sheets instead than three sheets also reduces costs since it means less paper must be used overall while still containing all necessary information needed by both parties involved in order complete their transaction successfully!

Use Mailing and Shipping Software

Using mailing and shipping software, like Quadient‘s Impress Distribute, can save you money by automatically selecting the best rates, reducing manual processing errors, and reducing processing time. In addition to reduced postage fees, automated mailing software allows you to track and review your documents at a glance from a dashboard, so you always know where your documents are in the mailing process.

Postage costs are a major expense for all businesses. If you want to reduce your outbound mail postage costs, there are several things you can do. The most obvious is to take advantage of postal discounts and savings by using a postage meter. A software shipping solution might be best if your business ships packages frequently. Even for low-volume mailing, postage meters and mailing software could save you money and, more importantly, time. Automating your mailing processes will free you up to handle the more important parts of your business.


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