Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from MCC

It began as a mere assignment to interview my fellow employees and write a blog post.  It turned into an interesting assessment of life inside MCC.

With a random and spontaneous approach, I asked employees of MCC, on an individual basis, one question: “What is it about working at MCC that you enjoy the most?” An unsuspected consensus was discovered. Time and time again, the answer was the same; the people are the best part of MCC.

  • “It’s the people. They are more like family.”
  • “The best thing is the people. Everyone is wonderful here.”
  • “The people make me laugh! Everyone has their own special something to offer.”
  • “The people and their willingness to help, make great teammates.”
  • “I really enjoy what I do. The bosses are fun to work for, and my cubicle buddy is awesome! Feels like a family here.”
  • “The people here make for extraordinary teammates, allowing us to serve our customers with superior results, unlike anyone else can.”

I could have kept going, asking one employee after another, but I could sense that their answers would all be alike. The results of my one-on-one interviews with the employees of MCC proved that this company makes it a point to hire only the best of the best.

Together, as a team, as a family, Memphis Communications Corporation is eager and excited to serve YOU.


The MCC family wishes you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.  May your holiday be filled with joy and togetherness.

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