Happy Thanksgiving from MCC

Happy Thanksgiving

It began as a mere assignment to interview my fellow employees and write a blog post.  It turned into an interesting assessment of life inside MCC. With a random and spontaneous approach, I asked employees of MCC, on an individual basis, one question: “What is it about working at MCC that you enjoy the most?”…

I Hate Spam MCC blog graphic

I Hate SPAM!

I Hate Spam MCC blog graphic

If you had to guess how many emails are sent worldwide daily, what would you say?  A few million?  A few hundred million? A billion?  According to the latest statistics, there are 205 billion emails sent every day. Of those daily emails, 116 billion of them are business emails.  That is a lot of correspondence and a lot of opportunities for spammers to try to steal your personal or company information or plant malicious files and software on your computer. …