Small businesses enhance vision with surveillance technology


Small businesses can be easy targets for thieves. Many of these companies do not have adequate security measures in place to keep prying hands from their money and belongings. In some cases, even a strong lock isn’t enough – many small business thefts are committed by employees with access to valuables. Fortunately, there is a measure available to small companies that can prevent some thefts from happening and catch the perpetrators of the ones that do occur.

Surveillance cameras have been around for a long time but they continue to improve. While many security-minded developers focus on Internet crime, physical security equipment purveyors still offer cutting edge systems to the business owners that need them.

Good surveillance needs a professional touch

Anyone can go buy a couple of security cameras from a hardware store and install them on the front door or behind the cash register. But that won’t always cut it, according to Mark Bomber, director of marketing for Tyco Integrated Security (TycoIS). Recently, the security equipment company expanded its sales to include businesses of any size. Bomber told Computer World that small businesses are better off turning to a professional security company to cover their needs.

Bomber cited factors like durability, spacing, optimization and support as reasons to use a provider. Those companies offer the best quality and have the technical knowledge that will prevent blind spots. – See more at.

“[E]very business requires a tailored solution to protect what matters most, while enabling them to focus on their core business,” TycoIS president Mark VanDover said in a statement.

Smart phones bolster cameras’ effectiveness

According to Appliance Retailer, streaming audio and video to smart phones and other devices provides another dimension to small business surveillance. Alerts and emails can provide managers and owners with updates and notifications when someone enters a monitored area.

Wireless surveillance purveyor Uniden offers smartphone-enabled, app-driven cameras that allow users to access cameras remotely.

“Security technology is advancing rapidly and the ease of installation enables consumers to be protected within a matter of hours, if not minutes,” Jeremy Swann, Uniden’s vice president of marketing, told Appliance Retailer. “Technology is evolving and now seeing your home, family, pet or car is only a matter of turning on your smartphone.”

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