Cameras Watch the Business When You Can’t


There have been ongoing discussions regarding the use and morality of surveillance systems in various settings. Many people argue that cameras invade their privacy and infringe on their personal rights. With the increasingly connected web of devices and ever-expanding Internet, some of these fears have a legitimate foundation. However, most people would agree that a small business using surveillance cameras to deter and catch thieves is not only well within its rights – it is a company’s obligation.

Smarter cameras are better at finding burglars

Like seemingly every other electronic device, security cameras are getting smarter, according to ABC News. New surveillance systems have the ability to “recognize” individuals based on clothing, facial features and other variables, making it easier to spot suspects and identify intruders.

“Cameras and recording won’t go away,” Jeng-Neng Hwang, electrical engineering professor at the University of Washington, told ABC News. “We might as well take advantage of that fact and extract more useful information for the benefit of the community.”

With these new developments, small companies stand a chance against individuals who try to break in. Even the ones who aren’t deterred by the presence of a camera can be tracked and caught – the surveillance system can link into smart devices like phones or tablets and alert a manager when there is someone approaching the building.

Surveillance systems become more popular

During the holiday season, home security cameras have proven to be hot items at electronics stores, reported AZ Family. For many, the cameras provide peace of mind when they’re away on vacation – would-be thieves often balk at the sight of an armed surveillance camera. Such technology can provide small business owners the same comfort. It can be the eyes of the storefront for the long weekends and holiday breaks during which managers might be out of town with family.

“It’s kind of convenient for us homeowners to have these surveillance systems in a click of a button on a computer,” homeowner Bryce Nelson told AZ Family. “It’s also easier for the cops to recognize and catch these people and make sure that the one.”

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